62 organizations and nearly 4,000 managers at all levels have gone through the Highly Effective Human Service Managers Program with amazing feedback. This 12-month program will take participants on a comprehensive journey designed to challenge and significantly grow their leadership skills to maximize employee commitment, engagement, performance, and retention. Tim Nolan is also available to virtually facilitate this for your organization, contact him at [email protected] for more information. Several organizations are currently going through this.

Program for Organizations

This is a self-facilitated program that comes with books, workbooks, facilitator guide and ongoing support from Tim Nolan throughout the process. Tim is also available to virtually facilitate the program for your organizations, which several organizations have selected.

Program for Individuals

Tim Nolan is virtually facilitating the 12-month program starting on 2/9/23 at 1230pm EST. Cost per participant is $300 and each individual will receive The Essential Handbook for Highly Effective Human Service Managers, 2nd Edition, a Program Workbook, and a specialized notebook to devote to the learning and growth process. This is the best leadership/professional development experience you will ever have access to! Ideal for supervisors and above. See the covered modules below.

Click to access Highly-Effective-Managers-Program-Module-Descriptions-Indiv-Program.pdf