The Human Services Leadership Institute has worked with over 10,000 human service professionals across 21 states. We work with many agencies to help significantly improve employee morale and retention.

HSLI provides dynamic trainings and organizational consultation designed to increase the agency’s critical infrastructure. We work with state, county, city, nonprofit, and independent agencies.


Many organizations struggle to retain quality staff due to unsatisfactory working conditions, high work demands, inadequate supervision and training, just to name a few.

Employee turnover is crippling many organizations from providing high quality client care. Many agencies are facing annual staff turnover rates over 50% and we have the expertise and the experience to help agencies in this critical area.

We at HSLI are committed to your success as an agency. Our mission is to establish an optimal work environment, maximize employee commitment and performance, improve retention, and build a strong, committed workforce.

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HSLI offers customized trainings to suit your agency’s needs. Let’s discuss how we can work together to help your organization thrive!