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Tim Nolan is proud to announce the release of his latest book, Highly Effective Human Service Organizations! This book is a culmination of his experience training over 10,000 managers, consulting with dozens of organizations, and review of research over the past 30 years. Everyone in the field who cares about the their agency should possess this vital resource. 40 chapters are covered! See the “Books” page above for ordering information.

The Human Services Leadership Institute (HSLI) has worked with over 10,000 human service managers to support staff commitment, engagement, performance, and retention through enhancing the leadership skills of management staff at all levels. HSLI is led by Tim Nolan, Ed.D. and he has also worked with dozens of human service agencies across 21 states to support organizational performance, leadership, staff stability, and client care.

Research has found most instances of staff turnover are preventable. Oftentimes, managers and organizations may inadvertently push employees away and encourage them to leave the agency.

HSLI leads the field in sustainable resources to support outstanding performance for management staff and employee retention with The Essential Handbook for Highly Effective Human Service Managers and The Highly Effective Human Service Managers Program. The managers program consists of 12 monthly modules and is/has been used by 55 human service organizations (in person and virtually) and over 3,000 managers to enhance leadership skills, creating a positive culture, and staff performance/retention.

Additionally, The Essential Handbook for Highly Effective Human Service Professionals has just been released and is the perfect resource for frontline professionals in child welfare, child protection, juvenile justice, direct support professionals in residential settings, and other frontline human service professionals. The Highly Effective Human Service Professionals Program is also available and consists of 12 monthly modules to support extraordinary performance and client care for frontline workers.

Staff stability and management impact are critical components that contribute to sustained organizational performance and exceptional client care. He frequently travels the country to work with human service organizations to improve their culture, and works with agencies to provide innovative solutions to improve employee performance and retention.

Tim has worked with small agencies to entire states (i.e. Florida DCF and Tennessee DCS).

Take a few moments to see reviews on The Essential Handbook for Highly Effective Human Service Managers, which many have said is mandatory reading for supervisors, a list of dynamic training options that thousands have attended, information on the Highly Effective Human Service Managers Program and the Highly Effective Human Service Professionals Program. Tim also works with organizations to help improve their cultures and employee retention. Tim also can create customized leadership trainings and curriculum for your organization.