The Human Services Leadership Institute (HSLI) has worked with over 8,000 human service professionals across 20 states. We specialize in helping organizations and professionals perform at the highest levels through creating the optimal environments to engage and lead others. We work with adult services, child protective services, child support, child welfare, economic services, Head Start, juvenile justice, mental health agencies, etc. Our focus is simple: helping human service professionals with the tools and resources to maximize employee commitment, performance, retention, and client care.

Tim Nolan, President, has published two books, The Essential Handbook for Highly Effective Human Service Managers and The Essential Handbook for Effective Human Service Professionals. Thousands of organizations have purchased his books for their management and worker teams to review 1-2 chapters per month.

We provide highly dynamic and engaging training to human service professionals at all levels. HSLI works with human service organizations to maximize client care and employee commitment, performance, and retention. All of our work is supported by the latest research in the human services. More than highly effective training, it is about creating a compelling call to action for leaders throughout the organization to give employees a reason to remain and give their best. Tim also facilitates action plan meetings with agencies to help them commit to and follow through on plans that will solve organizational barriers and/or challenges.

Whether you are looking to improve your individual leadership skills or would like to significantly enhance the performance of your organization, you are in the right place. Tim is the expert that human service organizations frequently turn to for solutions.

See our brand new trainings for 2017 under “Services” and then “Trainings”. See below for exciting trainings that are currently being held around the country. You can also contact Tim at the email below to schedule a training or an action plan meeting at your agency.

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