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The Essential Handbook for Highly Effective Human Service Leaders is Tim Nolan’s 12th, and best book yet! This is written specifically for all people leaders in the field to include: supervisors, managers, directors and above. This book is packed with NEW chapters, strategies, tools, and insights to drive sustainably high levels of employee commitment, engagement, performance and retention through a MODERN LEADERSHIP approach.

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Also, a new session of The Highly Effective Human Service Leaders Program is starting on June 12th at 1pm eastern time and is only limited to 30 people. Cost is $700 per person for the 12-month program and includes all materials, 2-hour monthly virtually sessions. Also available for your organization (over 80 organizations and 6,000 people have gone through the prior version and this one is a significant upgrade.

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Expect employee performance and retention to improve significantly as a result of participating in this dynamic and cutting-edge program.

Highly Effective Human Service Organizations Program Starts 7/10 at 11am est

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This dynamic 15-month program will equip organizational leaders with the knowledge and processes to drive sustainably high levels of employee, manager and organizational performance along with high levels of client care through development of a high-performance culture. This is ideal for directors and up and also available for your organization. 

Tim Nolan has worked with tens of thousands of people leaders and hundreds of organizations around the country to drive sustainably high levels of employee commitment, engagement, performance and retention.

The Human Services Leadership Institute offers the most comprehensive resources to significantly enhance your organization’s performance through books and leadership programs for: frontline professionals, managers, and organizational leaders.