We have worked with over 7,500 human service professionals across 20 states with 99% approval ratings! Here’s what they’re saying…

“This was a wonderful training that I would recommend to supervisors or managers at any level. The comprehensive skill building and tools given will benefit anyone in a supervisory position whether they are brand new or in a tenured position!” Marian Percy, El Paso County Deputy Administrator, Child Welfare

“I really enjoyed the training and got a lot of helpful tips/strategies. I had to start using them on a challenging employee immediately upon my return as there was a huge incident.”

“Tim presented in a great and confident manner. It’s great to be in a training with someone who you can tell is speaking from experience and can relate to what you are going through.”

“Thank You Tim!! I really enjoyed the training and I hope that I have the opportunity to attend another of your trainings in the near future.”

“I highly recommend this training to all supervisors. My Name is R.T. and I have been in CPS for 20 years and leadership for 12 years and this training would have been very beneficial to me when I first became a supervisor. This training was not a waste of time and this comes from a Forcing Shark. Attend the training and see what you are…….”

“Training was awesome. It was great working with someone who has encountered and understands what you’re going through.”

“I’ve been to two of Tim’s trainings and both times have come away with relevant and useful personnel best practices which make a positive difference and can be implemented right away.”

“Everything! The participation and movement of the meetings. Tim is excellent at keeping the training moving in many directions and still staying on task. The training is not boring and Tim brings people to the table to discuss the many issues about supervision. The training is fun and a great benefit to supervisors.”

“Thank you again for the training. It is the first training I attend that I wasn’t bored. If the agency has you facilitating any other trainings for the agency, please let me know because I would like to attend.”

“That we were given an opportunity to present actual problems and receive advise or tips, for a more effective way to handle a situation. I also appreciated that there was enough time for other members of the class to offer input on any situations that were present that may be helpful. Everyone seemed comfortable enough to participate so I not only learned from the instructor, but from peer’s experiences. I really think it is the best training I have attended.”

“Tim kept you engaged every minute of the training!”

“I absolutely enjoyed the training today and will put everything learned into practice. It was one of the most invaluable trainings thus far.”

“Great ideas on how to handle situations. Generally, I am not a lover of role playing but this was done in a way that was both thought-provoking and inclusive of the group and class.”

“Thank you for such a great training. I was reviewing my training materials and came across the two of the areas I pledge to work on I am happy to say I plunge in and started using some of the suggested strategies with positive results.”

“Again, it was pleasure meeting you, and being a part of this leadership Class. I had a wonderful learning experience and several takeaways that I will be using to help me grow and develop into my new leadership position.”