Have you ever attended a boring training? Imagine attending a training that captivates you throughout the entire day and leaves you feeling challenged, inspired, and motivated to make a difference. That is the type of dynamic and highly engaging training we offer. After working with over  10,000 human service managers and many organizations throughout the country we are confident that you and your team will have a great experience that will lead to new ways of engaging staff and clients. Tim has also published several books that are being used by thousands of human service professionals throughout the country. All trainings are supported with current research and Tim Nolan’s vast expertise.

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Maximizing Employee Engagement and Retention (New!)

Research shows the average tenure of frontline workers is 2-3 years. However, there are a variety of ways managers can pull employees in and increase their commitment, to them and the organization. This training reviews 10 opportunities where managers can modify their approach to create highly engaged staff who perform at high levels for longer periods of time.

Ideal for supervisory staff at all levels.

Highly Effective Human Service Supervisors

Research continues to point to high levels of staff burnout and eventual turnover, which leads to negative outcomes with clients and ongoing issues for the organization. However, supervisors spend the most time with staff and they can effectively engage them. Research has found a strong link to a supervisory approach that leads to increases in commitment, performance, and retention of human service workers. That approach is explored as well as examples of how the approach is used by supervisors.

Ideal for supervisory staff (i.e. supervisors, managers, directors, etc.).

Creating and Maintaining High Performance Staff

Supervisory staff often state they want high performance from staff. However, the expectations may not align so this outcome does not occur consistently. This highly engaging and interactive training challenges attendees to examine the 10 factors specific to high performance for human service professionals and their role in bringing this out.  Attendees will be equipped with the strategies and tools necessary to maximize staff commitment and performance. This training will provide the foundation for all supervisory staff in your organization to expect exceptional performance from all employees.

Ideal for supervisory staff (i.e. supervisors, managers, directors, etc.).

Building a Strong and Committed Workforce

The level of one’s commitment to the job and their supervisor has a direct link to their performance and length of time they remain in the organization. As such, it is vital to create excitement for employees and to maintain this energy level long-term. This training will help attendees understand the psychology of commitment and how each interaction is vital creating strong commitment from staff-to you, the clients, and the organization. If you want your staff to remain with the agency for more than one year, this is an essential training.

Ideal for supervisory staff (i.e. supervisors, managers, directors, etc.).

Highly Effective Human Service Organizations

There are 11 highly predictive factors associated with decreasing levels of employee commitment in the human services. Many organizations are seeing high levels of staff with the agency 1-2 years, which negatively impacts the services provided to clients. Moreover, high levels of staff turnover also put a tremendous strain on existing staff and the organization. With staff retention one of the largest challenges that human service organizations face, it is critical that organizations proactively address these issues.

Ideal for supervisory and executive staff.

Creating the Optimal Environment to Lead

This is our signature training that thousands of human service leaders across the country have attended. This training focuses on a variety of ways that supervisors can create an environment that will maximize staff commitment, performance, and retention. For example, creating a positive and empowering culture is just one way to optimize staff performance.

Ideal for supervisory staff (i.e. supervisors, managers, directors, etc.).

Effectively Handling Conflict, Providing Feedback, and Engaging Difficult Employees

It is no secret that many people do not look forward to addressing situations of conflict. However, it is rare that situations will improve on their own. This training allows attendees to identify their main approach to approach situations of conflict, types of conflict approaches, and strategies and tools that can be used to become more comfortable in addressing staff. The more comfortable we become with providing feedback to staff, the better their performance will be.

Ideal for supervisory staff (i.e. supervisors, managers, directors, etc.).

How to Stand Out as a Highly Effective Human Services Leader

Just having content area expertise is not adequate to being a strong leader. While this will provide some initial credibility, it will quickly prove to be a challenge if one does not possess specific behaviors and skills. Strong leadership can be taught. This training addresses several components that highly effective leaders in the human services need.

Ideal for supervisory staff (i.e. supervisors, managers, directors, etc.).

The Emotionally Intelligent Human Services Manager

Emotional intelligence is comprised of: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management. This interactive and reflective workshop reviews the components of emotional intelligence and how they apply to management staff in the human services. Having emotional intelligence is a critical component to not only being a highly effective leader, but also in consistently attaining high performance from your team(s).

Ideal for supervisory staff (i.e. supervisors, managers, directors, etc.).

Maximizing Department/Team Performance

Wanting quality results will not create them. High performance is purposeful. The human services field has evolved into an outcome oriented approach and it is vital that leaders at all levels fully grasp this philosophy. This training will equip leaders with the knowledge and skills to set the tone with their team(s) to consistently produce exceptional results.

Ideal for supervisory staff (i.e. supervisors, managers, directors, etc.).

Highly Effective Human Service Professionals

In order to stand out as a highly effective human service professional they need to consistently demonstrate specific skills. This training provides attendees with a variety of behaviors and skills that will set them apart from others to effectively meet client needs as well as promote an environment of professionalism and high performance.

Ideal for human service professionals (i.e. case managers, coordinators, etc.).

Trainings can be a full or half day and can be customized to meet your specific challenges and needs.Please contact us to discuss your goals and for a written estimate.