Organizations often do not have the time and resources to help staff take their performance to the next level. Further, many organizations are struggling with high levels of turnover, which makes it difficult to attain high levels of client care and outcome achievement. Consultation with the Human Services Leadership Institute is designed for organizations serious about standing out, not only as a leader in their community, but also in providing optimal service delivery to clients. Turnover can cost the agency thousands of dollars, decreased motivation with existing workers, and reduced outcomes with clients. Why not divert a fraction of this cost to significantly improve the situation? Research shows that highly engaged human service organizations experience significantly better client outcomes.

Nationally recognized leadership expert, Tim Nolan, will work with your organization to provide a comprehensiveĀ  plan that will allow the agency to have a long-term and highly effective approach to maximizing employee commitment, leadership/staff performance, and client care.

We are currently working with several county and state human service organizations to help enhance staff commitment, performance, and retention.

We can provide full scale consultation including focus groups with staff at all levels, survey development/implementation, gap analysis, needs assessment, and help to make your organization the employer of choice. My focus is on creating highly effective human service organizations. Doing a good job is not good enough, creating highly effective human service organizations is my expertise and passion.


El Paso County DHS experienced a 50% increase in staff retention 6 months after initiating phase one of our work together.

“Tim Nolan recently conducted an training for 65 of Gulf Coast JFCS leadership staff on becoming an effective and positive leader.
The training was very involved, detailed and was over a course of 3 months, offering ongoing conference calls, home works assignments to (4) separate groups within the agency.
Tim is very committed to the process and a passionate trainer who wants to see an agency succeed! I would recommend Tim for future trainings!!”

Terri Balliet COO of Children and Behavioral Health