Highly Effective Human Service Managers Program 

For Individuals

This is a 12-month commitment that involves reading chapters in The Essential Handbook for Highly Effective Human Service Managers, 2nd Edition, attendance of monthly module meetings (60-90 minutes) and completion of weekly workbook activities in between module meetings (allows for deeper reflection and implementation of new leadership skills). Tim Nolan will lead the monthly module meetings. 57 organizations and over 3,000 managers have gone through this program with excellent reviews. This will be the best professional/leadership development experience you ever go through! Ideal for anyone who manages people: supervisors, managers, directors, etc.

Cohort 1 is SOLD OUT

Cohort 2 starting on Friday, September 16th at 1pm (limited to 30 people)

Cost is $225 per person and includes a book, workbook, and access to the monthly module meetings led by Tim Nolan, Ed.D.

Highly Effective Human Service Manager Individual Program Description

Highly Effective Managers Program Module Descriptions Indiv Program

For Organizations

Many human service organizations are experiencing high levels of employee turnover and/or poor performance, which cripples their ability to meet client needs and consistently achieve outcomes. While training is a popular option, it is often not effective due to the lack of consistent follow through afterwards. The Highly Effective Human Service Managers Program has been created specifically to equip managers at all levels with a comprehensive system that will lead to employees remaining with the agency longer, enhanced levels of performance and higher levels of client care being achieved. This program has been created by Tim Nolan, who has personally worked with over 10,000 human service managers and dozens of human service organizations across 21 states. It is unique in that this is a 12-month self-facilitated program that consists of monthly meetings with PowerPoint presentations which correspond to readings from The Essential Handbook for Highly Effective Human Service Mangers, 2nd Edition and follow up activities in a specially crafted workbook which are included.

57 organizations and over 3,000 managers have used the program in person and virtually with amazing reviews.


“The 12-month Highly Effective Human Service Managers program jump started our leaders’ mindfulness of the critical elements needed to reshape our management landscape. The camaraderie and vulnerability experienced during the module discussions helped spark creativity and humility in our desire to be better leaders. The successful completion of the 12-month program has evolved into a recurring training program for future leaders, where past program graduates can mentor our future leaders. This program is a testament to how a program can challenge and shape the minds of those responsible for shaping a healthy culture of a thriving company.” Pathways of California (MM)

“Our employees have been engaged with the materials and the way the format is set allows for lots of conversation and collaboration amongst our leadership team. The exercises in between sessions really make you think and take a deep dive at how individuals are leading and what changes they can make to improve their leadership skills.” Maryvale (RC)

“We are having a blast going through the monthly modules!” Neighborhood House (CM)

It is going very well and has been very well received by a hesitant group!” Kalamazoo DHHS (BL)

“The program is really well thought out and incredibly easy to follow!” Peter Becker Community

Benefits of the Program

  • Cost effective.
  • Easy to implement (agency is provided with all materials to implement the program).
  • Designed specifically for human service managers (supervisors, managers, directors, etc.).
  • Will increase employee commitment, performance, and retention at all levels.
  • Will increase employee cohesiveness and client care.
  • 12 months of continuous professional development for participants
  • Will improve the culture of your agency.
  • Minimal time commitment (approximately 1.5 hours per month).
  • Will significantly help in four areas:
    • Improve leadership skills of participants.
    • Address staff performance issues.
    • Improve collaboration and teamwork of management staff at all levels.
    • Collectively address organizational challenges.

What is Included

  • Initial phone conference to discuss implementation of the program and expectations for all participants
  • The Essential Handbook for Highly Effective Human Service Manager, 2nd Edition. 
  • Participant workbook
  • 14 specifically designed PowerPoint presentations (60-90 minute length of each meeting)
    • 1 Kickoff/introduction meeting
    • 12 monthly module meetings
    • 1 Conclusion meeting
  • Ongoing technical support

Overview of Program

  • Monthly meetings are held that revolve around specific chapters of the book (meetings are 60-90 minutes).
  • Participants read specific chapters of The Essential Handbook for Highly Effective Human Service Managers, 2nd Edition before the meeting and come prepared to engage in the discussion and presentation.
    • Presentations are provided for each module as well as a facilitator guide. The agency selects someone to facilitate each monthly module meeting
  • Participants complete follow up activities in their assigned workbook between each module meeting. This ensures they understand the topics as well as can successfully implement them on a regular basis
  • Designed for up to 12-months (12 modules plus an introduction and conclusion meeting). Building successful habits takes approximately 60 days. After two modules participants will be on the road to consistently demonstrating highly effective leadership behaviors that will encourage staff to be more committed to the manager/organization and perform at higher levels. The program can be modified to meet your needs.
  • The agency facilitates the monthly module meetings (all information is provided in order to do this).
  • The cost of the program is $5,000. This includes 20 books, 20 workbooks, and program materials for 20 users. Additional users are only $150 each. Tim Nolan is available to facilitate the kickoff meeting for your agency for an additional $2,000 (plus travel expenses). This is not required. Several agencies have also selected this option. The program is also available in smaller increments than 20, contact us to learn more.
  • Is supported by research: Rittschof and Fortunato (2016) concluded that CPS supervisors that used a transformational leadership approach had workers experience less burnout and higher levels of wanting to remain with the organization (The program uses a transformational leadership approach as its foundation).
  • Research support: Williams and Glisson (2014) found that child welfare organizations with positive work cultures equaled better outcomes for children and families (The program will create a more positive, supportive, and responsive culture in your agency).

Feedback from Organizations

  • “Everyone looks forward to getting together every month, discussing the book and working together to address challenges.”
  • “Supervisors love how straight forward the process is.”
  • “I love the focus on creating positive cultures!”

$5,000 (20 participants, $150 per user over 20)

All sales are final.