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Yevs Saint Laurent(YSL) Outet Sale Women's Shoes Events

Saint Laurent Women shoes for cheap

In the 60's of last century, with the Yves Saint Laurent women shoesfashion, unique style in the left bank of Paris's most innovative, stylish, creating a colorful, romantic and elegant Yves Saint Laurent era.

The Yves Saint Laurent in the fashion world, but never vulgar, in the exploration of new style always will be based on inheriting the traditional spirit of the times, meaning high fashion, and transform the clothing style, he has never been just a traditional reformer, not a revolutionary clothing, clothing changes and to creative leap like Chanel.

Over the years, Saint Laurent brands continue to inject new impetus for the design industry, new ideas, Saint Laurent brand received numerous awards, medals, although plagiarism counterfeit Saint Laurent brand design works of numerous, and it is proved that Saint Laurent sandalsbrand in the boundless power of fashion.

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The essence of Saint Laurent shoes is a continuation of the traditional spirit of the French high fashion. Final judgement,Yves Saint Laurent - permanently changed the rules of women's dress -- he was a pioneering introduced men's exclusive trouser suit, safari jacket and coat to the women's field. He even said: "let the woman become fashion, is to let the women put on pants -- regardless of day and night." There are comments that, Mr. Yves Saint Laurent as the last century at the end of a fashion mogul death marks the rise after the Second World War, the western fashion "golden age" of the end -- again without full of color and the original neon legend, but only the luxury goods industry noise roar. For the gay community, he broke the barriers between the male and female attire, in more than half a century ago, he can lead to sex external identity redefinition, which opened after the wave of modern aesthetics of homosexuality.

Yves Saint Laurent overall brand image design is the same, although the master's quick thinking, broad themes, but always keep the French fashion elegant sense. Yves Saint Laurent shoes outlet the common style of dress, such as smoking, cigarette pants, thick fabric Tingkuo elegant to complement each other and form design. If the design of soft material, whether long or formal dress, dress, Yves Saint Laurent will deal with a very comfortable and soft.

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Elegant, perfect is Mr. Yves Saint Laurent lifetime pursuit; noble temperament, elegant appearance, Yves Saint Laurent is a permanent brand image. Mr. Yves Saint Laurent for fashion, like walking in the front end of the advanced elements of reform, he is aware of the changes of the times, but also the courage to challenge the traditional authority, innovation of new lines, from the beginning of 1957, Mr. Yves Saint Laurent design of the tulip line, bell bottoms, trumpet skirt line, sailor suit, knight, Robinson, boots, hippie, neutral, a source of inspiration to today is still in the creation of contemporary designers.

In 2012, Eddie Slimaneto become the creative director of the brand, Yves Saint Laurent clothing line was renamed Saint Laurent. However, accessories and cosmetics to still keep the iconic YSL logo.

In 2013, Yves Saint Laurent the appointment of Francesca Bellettini as the brand new CEO Kering group also announced that Eddie Slimane in addition to creative director, strategic planning is also responsible for guiding the brand.

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