Human Services Leadership Institute
  • Creating the Optimal Environment to Lead

    Creating the Optimal Environment to Lead

    How the use of self-reflection improves managerial performance

  • Conflict is difficult for all of us to address

    Conflict is difficult for all of us to address

    How to Effectively Address Conflict with Staff and Engage Employees

  • People follow leaders

    People follow leaders

    Developing exceptional leadership skills for human service managers

  • The Human Services Leadership Institute

    The Human Services Leadership Institute

    The most sought after resource for individuals and organizations looking for optimal professional growth.

  • Exceptional Leadership Academy

    Exceptional Leadership Academy

    Personalized coaching plan designed to maximize your strengths.

Is staff turnover too high in your organization?
Do staff need to be energized? Do they need the skills and tools to be amazing professionals?
Can managers and supervisors benefit from leadership training specifically for the human services?
Do you want to stand out? If so, see below.

Tim Nolan has worked with nearly 8,000 human service managers and workers across 20 states. Additionally, he has worked with many human service organizations to help them improve staff commitment, performance, and retention. Explore our website to find out why the Human Services Leadership Institute is the most sought after training and consulting agency in the human services. We specialize in working with child welfare organizations, developmental disability agencies, Head Start, etc.

Tim’s highly dynamic and interactive style will motivate staff to achieve optimal results. See the many resources located below (newsletters, books, trainings, etc.) that will enable you to become a highly effective human service manager/supervisor, worker, or organization. Also, see the “Recent News” section below for blog posts on Tim’s LinkedIn page.

It’s time for a transformation to take place in the human services where the focus on outcomes is balanced with people development/support. If you want staff to stay with your agency longer and client outcomes to improve, treat them better. Contact me to find out how to achieve this.

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Leadership Academy

1The Human Services Leadership Institute was founded to support professionals in becoming exceptional managers and leaders.

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Helpful Seminars

2We will work with you individually to develop a personalized coaching plan designed to maximize your strengths.

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For Professionals

3Who are serious about standing out not only as a leader in their organization but also in providing optimal service delivery to clients.

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Coaching Sessions

4Individual coaching sessions that will maximize your strengths and focus on areas of opportunities to help make them a strength.

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The Essential Handbook for Highly Effective Human Service Managers

After working with over 5,000 human service managers, Tim Nolan has released a resource that all human service professionals in a management position will want to have. 30 critical skills are covered that every manager needs to effectively motivate staff for exceptional performance as well as maximize their leadership credibility. Click on the book image for ordering information. See the amazing reviews by clicking on the book.

The Essential Handbook for Effective Human Service Professionals

This is the ultimate resource for any human service professional in a nonmanagement position (i.e. case management role). Click on book image or see “Books” page for ordering information-now available for only $16 a book ($17.95 normal price) with free shipping on all US orders. 21 core competencies are covered to help any human service worker excel. Agencies will also greatly enhance staff retention and client care. This will be a highly valuable resource to take worker performance and client care to the next level. Click on the book image for ordering information.


  • “I was very impressed with your book and would suggest this read for not only new managers, yet also managers who have been in a leadership role for several years.”

    Terri Balliet - Chief Operating Officer, Gulf Coast JFCS

  • “This is an excellent book for anyone in a supervisory role. It captures the nuts and bolts of supervision without losing the “bigger picture” leadership tasks such as having a vision, self-reflection, creating a healthy culture, and fostering relationships. Solid, time-tested principles in concise, easy to digest chapters was a great choice for making this a usable book for personal reference or leadership training. I liked the critical thinking questions and the summary quotes at the end of each chapter.”

    Kevin Winship, LMHC - Director of Program Operations, Children's Home Society of Florida

  • “If every manager and supervisor in the human services industry would follow the clear precepts and practices laid out in this book, our entire industry would immediately be elevated to another level.”


  • “This book for managers should be required reading and utilized for reference material for managers. It is an exceptional read with relevant information in all 30 chapters. Love the thought provoking questions after each chapter. Love the book in its entirety.”

    Julie Swindler - CEO, Families First of Palm Beach County

  • I really enjoyed the training and I couldn’t help thinking about past experiences I’ve had with difficult staff, how I reacted at every situation, and what I could have done differently. After identifying myself with one of the manager styles, I became conscious that I need to improve my approach to conflict.

    Yadira M. - Attended a Training

Welcome to the Human Services Leadership Institute

The Human Services Leadership Institute was founded to support professionals in becoming exceptional managers and leaders. Through our innovative, dynamic, and thought-provoking trainings we are helping to change the way that managers in the human services see their role in developing and creating empowering environments to maximize client care and staff performance. Nearly 8,000 managers and workers across the country have attended our seminars with excellent feedback. 99% or recent attendees have reported our training to be “excellent” or “good”

Main trainings offered at this time:
Highly Effective Human Service Organizations
Building a Strong and Committed Workforce
Being a Highly Effective Mentor
How to Stand Out as a Highly Effective Leader
Essential Skills for Highly Effective Human Service Managers (part 1)
Essential Skills for Highly Effective Human Service Managers (part 2)
Effectively Handling Conflict, Providing Feedback, and Engaging Difficult Staff
Essential Skills for Highly Effective Human Service Professionals (for line workers) part 1
Essential Skills for Highly Effective Human Service Professionals (part 2)
Effectively Managing Change
See full training descriptions under Trainings page


Join our free networking group for leaders in the human services on LinkedIn. The group is comprised of leadership professionals in the human services from around the country and designed to share best practices with each other. This is an excellent opportunity to bounce ideas off others who are in the same position.

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Recent News

Why Institutional Knowledge Matters

Are You Proud to Work at Your Agency?

How Committed Are You?

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“For us it’s easy. We are looking for character, but what the hell does that mean? We’re looking for people … who have gotten over themselves, and you can tell that pretty quickly. You can talk to somebody for four or five minutes, and you can tell if it’s about them, or if they understand that they’re just a piece of the puzzle. So we look for that. A sense of humor is a huge thing with us. [You have to] feel comfortable in your own skin that you don’t have all the answers … We need people who can handle information and not take it personally because in most of these organizations, there’s a big divide. All of a sudden the wall goes up between management and coaching, and everybody is ready to blame back and forth … It’s about finding people who have all these kinds of qualities.”
—San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich, on what he looks for in employees of the Spurs, on and off the court. Courtesy of Peter King

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Recent Training Comments
“This was a wonderful training that I would recommend to supervisors or managers at any level. The comprehensive skill building and tools given will benefit anyone in a supervisory position whether they are brand new or in a tenured position!” Marian Percy, El Paso County Deputy Administrator, Child Welfare

“I really enjoyed the training and got a lot of helpful tips/strategies. I had to start using them on a challenging employee immediately upon my return as there was a huge incident.”

“Tim presented in a great and confident manner. It’s great to be in a training with someone who you can tell is speaking from experience and can relate to what you are going through.”

“Thank You Tim!! I really enjoyed the training and I hope that I have the opportunity to attend another of your trainings in the near future.”

“I highly recommend this training to all supervisors. My Name is R.T. and I have been in CPS for 20 years and leadership for 12 years and this training would have been very beneficial to me when I first became a supervisor. This training was not a waste of time and this comes from a Forcing Shark. Attend the training and see what you are…….”

“Training was awesome. It was great working with someone who has encountered and understands what you’re going through.”

“I’ve been to two of Tim’s trainings and both times have come away with relevant and useful personnel best practices which make a positive difference and can be implemented right away.”

“Everything! The participation and movement of the meetings. Tim is excellent at keeping the training moving in many directions and still staying on task. The training is not boring and Tim brings people to the table to discuss the many issues about supervision. The training is fun and a great benefit to supervisors.”

“Thank you again for the training. It is the first training I attend that I wasn’t bored. If the agency has you facilitating any other trainings for the agency please let me know because I would like to attend.”

“That we were given an opportunity to present actual problems and receive advise or tips, for a more effective way to handle a situation. I also appreciated that there was enough time for other members of the class to offer input on any situations that were present that may be helpful. Everyone seemed comfortable enough to participate so I not only learned from the instructor, but from peers experiences. I really think it is the best training I have attended.”

“Tim kept you engaged every minute of the training!”

“I absolutely enjoyed the training today and will put everything learned into practice. It was one of the most invaluable trainings thus far.”

“Great ideas on how to handle situations. Generally I am not a lover of role playing but this was done in a way that was both thought-provoking and inclusive of the group and class.”

“Thank you for such a great training. I was reviewing my training materials and came across the two of the areas I pledge to work on I am happy to say I plunge in and started using some of the suggested strategies with positive results.”

“Again, it was pleasure meeting you, and being a part of this leadership Class. I had a wonderful learning experience and several takeaways that I will be using to help me grow and develop into my new leadership position.”